How to search from “name” column of multiple tables with a keyword in Laravel Eloquent

public function getHotelsByDestination($name){
$objs = Hotel::whereHas(‘country’, function($query) use($name) {
$query->where(‘’, ‘LIKE’, ‘%’.$name.’%’);
->orWhereHas(‘city’, function($query) use($name) {
$query->where(‘’, ‘LIKE’, ‘%’.$name.’%’);
->orWhereHas(‘township’, function($query) use($name) {
$query->where(‘’, ‘LIKE’, ‘%’.$name.’%’);

return $objs;

– There are four tables: hotels, countries, cities and townships which are related.
– User enters a search keyword
which can be a hotel_name, country_name, city_name or township_name.
– Search whether that keyword is in “name” column of countries,cities,townships,and hotels.
– Display “HOTELS” that match keyword as their name or country_name or city_name or township_name.


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